BYODIY (Bring Your Own Do It Yourself): Red Gate Community Night is an open door weekly event held on Wednesday nights, meant to bring together creative individuals of different disciplines. From drawing to music to performance and beyond, we are interested in active participation of all attendees rather than the traditional artist/ audience dynamic.
To begin this experiment we will bring together our “art-jam” Drawing-A-Blank nights, with an open floor for music makers to come and create some sounds on the spot with old and new friends alike.
Beyond artistic practice, this will be a venue for those who are interested in or curious about the space can drop in to discuss what we are, where we are, and where we want to be.

Premiere Night, August the third.


(Collage courtesy of Coup L’état.

   On Wednesday, August the third, twenty-eleven at nine o’clock in the evening we will welcome with open arms all who wish to participate in our inaugural night. We will focus on the general theme of Birth/Re-birth. See you there.